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sunday still life


Sunday Still Life is an attempt to capture the beauty and the depth of busy days in a slow and simple way. If you feel inspired, join Erin,  here. Keep it slow. Keep it simple.

She pads into the kitchen at the sound of the radio playing a sweet slow song. Her arms lift up as she looks at me expectantly. I gladly pick her up and we sway for a few beats until I hear the sound of her soft snores in my ear.

3 thoughts on “sunday still life

  1. I do not think there is anything in the world as wonderful as holding a sleeping child (except giving birth to a child). The trust he/she is giving you. The responsibility of not letting that trust down. The love that seeps through every pore of you. I watched my husband carry (separately of course) two sleeping grandchildren and put them to bed. Beautiful. And when I rock the Irish lass (their sister) to sleep, I feel so rich and blessed.
    This is a beautiful photo of an awesome moment.


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