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1. 2 year olds recognizing their letters their parents didn’t know they knew

2. Zuzu feeling better so quick after a throw-uppy morning

3. Zuzu being the worlds happiest sick kid

4. co-workers noticing my flat tire

5. Lovey stepping in for the negotiations with the tire repair folks

6. sweet children sharing a plate of waffle, whipped cream and peaches

7. naps

8. new pants

9. Eggs Elizabeth

10. chicken scallopini

11. Lovey cooking for us

12. comfy stretchie clothes

13. azaleas and paperbush planted

14. park pj picnics

16.Zuzu’s first solo playdate

17. Being able to wish my Grandma a happy 88th birthday- what a gift!

18. Watching my sweet 4 year old sing happy birthday to my mom!

19. My anniversary- and remembering the great day itself- it was the best!

20. Lovey’s anniversary card to me- a picture of the girls on his grandmother’s hope chest with a note- “LOVE- look what came out of our hope chest”

21. A Lovey who buys a white buttercream- chocolate and vanilla layer cake covered in chocolate ganache and cooks a roast that rivals the Cardiff Crack….


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