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This summer we are more ourselves then we have been in quite some time. When Lovey and I were first courting, he was the King of the Crust. The man could make a pie that would set your heart singing. Typically the process was the adventure itself. We would often go berry picking alone or with friends and then assemble the fruit into a home-made pastry shell and indulge over pie and coffee throughout the course of a weekend. We were so invested in our festivities that our first fight was over 1 pie or 2 pies. While the answer seems obvious- 2 pies- the 1 pie meant the other half of the bounty went into a cobbler or cake. Really- win-win.

Over the last few years our weekends have been eaten up rather than us luxuriously eating through them. But this summer, this summer the berries were priced right ; if store-bought rather than hand-picked; and the sweets have come routinely. There has been gifts of rhubarb from friends visiting the Amish country, a Pie Social that 40 of our besties contributed too and variations of the southern standard  of a Chess Pie. It’s been a sweet summer and so good to see a version of our family that happily melds our old and new selves into someone we can recognize. 

Sunday Still Life is an evolving photo project started by Erin. It’s an invitation to explore the beauty and depth of life through traditional still life composition and / or photos and words to evoke inner stillness and reflection. If you feel so inspired, join in! Erin is on a cyber-vacation for the month of August and I’ll be hosting Sunday Still Life. After you post yours, stop by here and leave a link so we can all come visiting.

 Keep it slow. Keep it simple.

3 thoughts on “sunday still life

  1. Beautiful and yummy! My vote is for 1 pie and many other concoctions (cobbler, crisp, etc) and I love berries in savory dishes, as well. Glad that you are recognizing yourselves…
    XO aaa


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