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1. babies stuffing rugelach into their chubby cheeks

2. modern medicine

3. renassaince husbands fixing main sewer pipes

4. rascalin children

5. bacon

6. a restaurant in your work basement

7. packing lists

8. getting help

9. sleep

10. insurance

11. flickers

12. the same old thing

13. kindness over your little one

14. a fairy showing up to dinner

15. Fireman Sam inspiring career goals for 4 year olds

16. realizing that your daughter’s career goals all involve helping others

17. new activities from Jodie

18. the weekend

19. walking

20. Modern Family

21. a Florentine-patterned steele ring on the 11th anniversary from Lovey- best gift ever

One thought on “gratitude

  1. Loving the list, as usual, especially the career of the oldest love. Is that not the best when you hear that?

    As for Modern Family, I miss Cam!! Don’t you? Can’t wait till it is back.


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