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While Lovey was away, Zuzu took great pride in filling in for him. She proudly announced each day that Daddy was still gone and so she was going to “help” Momma just like he does. She made long lists of all the things we needed to do and put herself firmly in charge, really of all of us. She helped the Quail with her speech therapy, she chose the movies we would watch, she ordered her food at the restaurants and was very cooperative for the party we went to and helped to put the laundry away. She made a decision that she wanted to bring brownies to school for her class to have after they eat their lunch. I asked about the Quail’s class and that prompted her decision that we needed to bake 3 pans- one for her class, one for the Quail’s class and one to have at home for dessert. She sat on the floor with the bowl of brownie mix and sweetly showed the Quail how we stir it up. After they were done baking she pulled out the stock of sprinkles and decorated each pan accordingly- flowers for the Quail’s class, hearts for hers and dinasaur’s for the home ones. I was so proud of her thinking of everyone. She even noted repeatedly that we needed to save one of each of the brownies for Daddy. You can’t really argue with that kind of kindness sprinkled over “logic”. Or at least you shouldn’t.

Sunday Still Life is an evolving photo project started by Erin. It’s an invitation to explore the beauty and depth of life through traditional still life composition and / or photos and words to evoke inner stillness and reflection. If you feel so inspired, join in! Erin is on a cyber-vacation for the month of August and I’ll be hosting Sunday Still Life. After you post yours, stop by here and leave a link so we can all come visiting.

 Keep it slow. Keep it simple.

3 thoughts on “sunday still life

  1. she’s a sweet and thoughtful little girl – I hope she got extra brownies for that! 🙂
    PS I don’t think I’m going to be able to join in for the next several Sundays …


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