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Mommaday: Keep the Yule log burning…

Rest assured dear friends, that all is well in our little nest. I’ve mentioned before that my daily blogger status was pure illusion. I write, edit and schedule my posts while The Sistred sleep. Currently, with one of them residing within me, my mind has harkened back to that other-worldly voice of mothers past reminding me to sleep when the littles do, and I feel the need to practice before the littlest of the littles arrives during my usual weekend bloggy reflection time. You can understand the need to be rested up for resting right?

Merriment is currently underway in the forms of lemon & peppermint sprinkled spritz cookies, warm roasted chickens, steamed milk with chocolate sauce, apricot brioche, a trip for our traditional tree hunt, that happily involved a lot less tears this year, the Sistred in residence all helping to dress the tree (and subsequently and routinely undress it), daily movement from our resident Elf on the Shelf- TJ, a marching 5 year old joining the Twinkle Brigade, an almost 3 year old learning to shout Santa and whisper sweet nothings to her now vocally referenced Momma and a closet full of giftees needing some wrapped attention.  I’m hoping for some quiet AND awake time in the weeks ahead. Until then Season’s Greetings to all and to all some peace and rest!


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