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Quailday: Bird Growth…

In addition to the growth of her vocabulary our bird; who earlier this fall lept into her 2T pants, 3T fall shirts (with a slightly rolled sleeve cuff remaining) and size 6  shoes (which I swear had just been a 4 weeks earlier), started sporting size 7 shoes and 3T Christmas Jammies!!!! I had poured over the choices at the store wishing I could mix and match tops and bottoms just knowing that she needed a 3T top to cover her bowl full of jelly, but knowing that the long pant size would certainly cause more than a couple of bumps and bruises. Well she donned them this weekend and proudly ran off with the cuffs at her ankles. I’m certain it has to just be the style of the pant and a slight irregularity in the making of the pant that it fits, but regardless our bird has grown and bares very little resemblance to her her previous 2 year old toddling self of this summer. I remember the striking difference when Zuzu turned 3  and marveling at how much she had changed since she was 2. It seemed like a change that should have been heralded in the parenting books as worthy of proclamation as the change from fetus to newborn, newborn to one year old and one to two. She was no longer a baby. I think with the Quail’s growth pattern being more like watching a rose slowly unfold I had told myself not to expect the same level of change between 2-3.

That 2 year old, she was still my sweet baby. This almost 3 year old, is stunningly and heart-warmingly little kiddish, and now with the swift size to match.


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