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Mommaday: gettin back in the saddle

Oh I promise this blog wasn’t created for the sole purpose of whining. But well, I’m thinking mentioning it a third time equates to whining. I’m tired. Not so very tired, more suseptibly tired. As in my OB said, “How’s your energy level?” at one of my last appointments and I gleefully crowed, “It’s absolutely fine!”

And then the next day I yawned in the middle of the day. And then that weekend when the Sistred went down for a nap, so did I. And from then on, well, my weekend writing/photo editing/blog time was given over to the land of nod. I have lots to update on. It’s been a fabulously fun-filled last 3 months. 3 months! I haven’t told you about Zuzu’s birthday party, Halloween, our holiday tree gathering trek up the mountains, our holiday festivities including Zuzu’s first parade march, our gingerbread house decorating, our pastry building, our Tur-duck-in, our Christmas day and the glorious 5 days we had to ourselves to celebrate it or our happy little weekend heading back to the mountains over New Years. I haven’t gone on and on about the Quail’s horn tooting, her acquisition of new words and subsequent program plan update with Sara Rosenfeld Johnson, her new found fierocity and independence or the giggles and secrets between Stisters. I haven’t told you about the joy that is growing Sugarplum, whom I’m happy to report is officially tagged in-utero by her eldest stister and the name has stuck. The reports by my OBs, one of which involves my favorite OB mistakenly asking if I was 5 weeks further along than I am (oh the pastry builidng, did involve pastry eating, and Sugarplum measures more like a Watermelon than a sweet plum these days).

See how much you’ve missed? Well stay tuned. I’m going to do my best to catch you all up. Scouts honor!

2 thoughts on “Mommaday: gettin back in the saddle

  1. You look great!! I’m thankful everyday that I haven’t been terribly tired. 🙂

    Can’t wait to hear about the horns. We’re still working on that with Claire.


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