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Mommaday: Separation Anxiety

…namely mine….last week, one evening when I was getting the Quail ready for bed it finally occured to me to tell her directly that pretty soon Momma and Daddy would be going to the doctor to get Baby Sugarplum out of Momma’s belly and that it would take a couple of days and while we were gone she and Zuzu would stay with Gramma here and play.

We talk about it around her all the time. Zuzu is clear what is going to happen and buried deeply in her own set of plans for those special days. If she wants the guest bed or her own bed while Gramma is here. Whether Gramma will wake up early with her. Which books she wants Gramma to read to her, what decorations to use when they make a Bunny Cake and where is our stack of blank cards so she can make us all one

I’ve just never taken the time to say it directly to the Quail, this process of bringing this baby we pat and kiss daily from my belly into our world. Oh it broke my heart- she made her saddest face with the little bottom lip bird-perched out and hugged me so tight and then patted my belly. I swear we underestimate what she understands at least 10 times a day.

I’m glad I brought it up though, since then we have thought to talk about that part of it with her regularly. Zuzu recalls when we left how she hid under the kitchen table and hugged her babydoll tight and stayed there until Gramma joined her under. She’s been calculating if they will all fit this time.

It’s just so pitiful when the Quail misses me now because she can say Momma so she cries it- even if I’m just late to tuck her in to bed or after I leave for work in the morning. If Lovey gets her up after a night’s sleep I can her her little Momma chant echoing down the hall.

Poor little lamb. It’s hard to say who is going to miss whom most…


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