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Zuzuday: buddies

Zuzu has wanted a pet since she could talk. 2 and a half years ago her Uncle obliged and Chula Cat arrived via her cross-country flight shortly after Zuzu’s third birthday. Zuzu was tickled initially but her interest waned while the cat debated whether or not it wanted to live outside of her closet. For a long time Chula Cat and the Quail looked like the best friend label would apply to them. If we were on the ground in the living room Chula Cat came calling. If Zuzu was in her boisterous mode the cat was understandably no where to be seen. Zuzu continued to request pets while showing little interest in the one we had. In the last 6 months though we’ve spent time talking about the things she can do to befriend Chula cat including daily brushings and taking over filling her food bowl. Chula caught on to the new mistress of her world’s beckonings and started indulging Zuzu by trailing her in the early mornings. They haven’t graduated to sleeping together at night. But we’re all hopeful that’s soon to come. It’s been a slow friendship to spark but what started out as Zuzu doing what was asked of her to prove her worth as a future dog-owner seems to have morphed into a kindly little friendship between a girl and her buddy- Chula Cat.

I think Chula is just happy to have the bigger kid keep the littler kid away from her as Zuzu spouts her daily line of “Quail- Don’t clap the cat!”


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