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love & gratitude

1. sleepy smiles of contentment
2. the fierce shake of her baby head as she latches on

3. her burritoness

4. the slow blink that means sleep is near

5. the  offswitch effect of a tight swaddle and paci. .

6. when she snuggles her cheek into my chest.
7. her series of stretches as she wakes up from a tight swaddle.
8. watching her sisters hold her.
9. how the Quail signs sad when she hears her cry and has to go flutter around her until
someone suggests she kiss her, then carefully, she bends down to give a delicate kiss and pat to the top of her sweet head.
10. her ducky feather soft feel of her newborn hair.
11. her serene and attentive gaze.
12. her concerned baby look.
13. her fury at being burped mid feeding.
14. her long delicate fingers that move between a tight grip and a gentle and graceful
music conducting movement.
15. how she keeps her hands by the side of her face like in the ultrasound pictures.
16. how her gaze locks on me when she is hungry.
17. that Zuzu got the first smile out of her
18. how easy she is to take out on an errand, meal or appt
19. her little fierce monster sounds and flailings when I cover her up to nurse
20. the little conversations we have with her already
21. how quickly she goes from smiley, alert and chatty to asleep


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