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Sunday Still Life is an evolving mindfulness project; a weekly invitation to pause the busy of our days, to re-center and celebrate the beauty and depth of life. If you are leave inspired to join in, please leave a link in Erin’s comments.

Painted Lady

We had baby butterflies this spring. As one friend put it, our home was bursting with new life! We watched our caterpillars transformation and shortly after Sugarplum joined us, released them into our back yard. Zuzu was the biggest fan of the process. Well, her and her Gramma who then received some as a gift from her granddaughters for Mother’s Day shortly thereafter! Each day in the week following the release Zuzu would let me know which of the caterpillars she saw flapping by at school that day…Tina, Jackie, Max…

Only Mortimer remained with us since his wing was damaged to the point where he couldn’t fly. He lived out his life in our little butterfly home dining on pink carnations and orange slices. We’ve received regular updates about the butterflies in Gramma’s care as well and they are scheduled to move to a local park bursting with flowers today!


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