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corner view: longing

To go back in time for an afternoon  to hold each of my babies around the 7 week and 4 month and 7 month old mark. There was something precious and magical about those ages that even with my milk and hormone addled brain that sticks with me. If only I could experience them with a well rested brain and heart at those ages. I guess that’s what gramma-hood is for.

coffee with sun

For a quiet moment to think and read in a sunny spot with a cup of coffee and a cat in my lap.  While I love and reel in the busy, busy, business of my girls. Sometimes I wish a quiet, sunny moment when I am fully awake and energized would appear.

A homeday full of baking, simmering and stirring to a well-loved Pandora station where by nightfall the foods are enjoyed. With small ones underfoot this just doesn’t happen routinely. Even if the cooking does, their little-kid appetites and unending honesty get the better of my efforts.

For words uttered in haste to never have been.

For the world to always know and love our Quail as we and it does now.


For everyone to sleep an hour longer than me, regardless of the time I wake up.

For the family I knew before these precious babies to know them as I do.

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5 thoughts on “corner view: longing

  1. beautiful things to wish/long for, Cole, but you do sound a little tired. Don’t worry about appetites and “honesty” too much: even if they don’t fully appreciate it now (they soon will), good & healthy home cooked food is an investment in your kids’ health, and teaches them how to eat well.


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