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Zuzuday: Birthday Mo-mo Bounce

On October 5th Zuzu turned 6 years old. The weekend before we hosted a birthday party at home per the little Miss’s request. She was, in that Zuzu way of hers, extremely specific in what she wanted in order to properly celebrate. She wanted to bounce. She wanted chocolate cake with Monkey’s on it and she wanted the monkey’s to resemble her lovey who has been her nighttime buddy since she was a wee one. The main difference was the confectioned lovies needed pink and purple bows.

Once upon a time, there was a little baby with a friend she eventually named Mo-mo. Zuzu was and still is a huge fan of her Mo-mo, which was her word for monkey. This year, as she turned 6 she announced she wanted a Mo-mo party!

She wanted a unicorn bounce house, but “settled” for a castle.

Cinderella had to sweet out the castle before her guests arrived.

and of course take it for a bounce to ensure proper fun would be had.

And a sash and special party tiara for Miss Birthday herself.

Balloons to be had (and a latte or two for mom).

Lots of our little friends came to celebrate.

everyone went home with balloons…

a bag full of candy from the “piyanta” as Zuzu still pronounces it. And note the string pull option. Somehow we just can’t bring ourselves to beat our most loved characters in celebration.

a crown, bejeweled by their own hand.

and a book! The bargain we struck was that she could invite as many kiddos as she wanted so long as she agreed to a book exchange in lieu of presents. Every child brings a wrapped book and then goes home with a new one!

of course this was once they were all properly sugared and bounced out courtesy of our favorite German Bakery- Strossners.

all in all we think it was a success! The best part of a Saturday afternoon bounce house at your home party was the fact that the bounce house owners couldn’t make it back to pick it up till Monday morning which meant a full weekend of bouncing for our family!

It was a wonderful celebration, simple, fun, full of life and laughter. Much like Zuzu herself.

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