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five minute friday: beloved

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In our house, beloved is unspoken. It’s woven in to the daily ordinaries of our family life. It changes as our days and years together pass, but it can always be found with a momentary pause and an open heart and hand.

It’s the yellow bowl set out by the 6 year old for her little sister who so loves the color.

It’s the quiet and unprompted handing over of the shiny red heart balloon that hasn’t flown off yet to the sobbing six-year-old by the four-year-old.

It’s in the rascaling, monstering and tumbling that the Sistred wind in to their afternoons together.

It’s the duck and rabbit lovies brought along when Zuzu goes off to find her monkey one to hold while she watches cartoons.

It’s the Keurig set to brew my cup before Lovey goes to take his own shower.

It’s the bent knee squat I hold while I try to puzzle out the story of her day the Quail is telling with her hands.

It’s the giggle escaping the baby while Lovey bounces her on his lap.

It’s the valentine that says I love my Family that Zuzu made during art center.

It’s the snuggled-up-to-Dad spot chosen on the couch by each of the sisters as they settle in for a story or cartoon.

It’s the soft breathing on either side of me I wake to find all three girls napping in the bed with me.

It’s the warm and running car that I hurry out to, late for the school drop-offs on weekday mornings.

It’s the soft little hands on my face while I sit and wait in the bathroom for the Quail to finish up.

It’s the crawling across a room full of toys when the baby spies her waiting family at pick-up time each afternoon.

It’s the handing over of the remote, turning off of the phone and stepping away from the computer when the children are finally asleep.

It’s unspoken, but oh so very present.


3 thoughts on “five minute friday: beloved

  1. Love all the loves listed here. Especially in the yellow bowl sat out by a 6 year old for her sister. I think we’re still competing in our home over colors, especially when the spoon is required to match. But love comes, and perhaps it’ll come in that form someday….:)


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