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DSC_44001.a homemade cake

2. a back-up cake

3. little jeweled reminders of my family

4. thoughtful personalized cards

5. the man who always makes those cards

6. a walk in the garden on my birthday

7. a fancy dinner, party of 5

8. a photo session scheduled, make that a story session 🙂

9. a single perfect cuppa

10. a 4  year old taking her rightful place in THE big girl bed

11. said 4 year old repeatedly putting herself to bed since the move

12. said 4 year old getting herself up, undoing her feety jammies and going poopoo all by her ownself

13. a dollhouse organized, if not the real one

14. a 10 month old pulling up and pushing off!

15. a loose tooth

16. party invitations

17. a 4 year old’s party scheduled

18. a dear friend’s visit

19. Wisconsin gifts

20. snow on a midwestern girl’s birthday in the South

21. time to chat


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