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Arrival of Zuzu

First Breath of The Quail
First Breath of The Quail

In the Basket Marty Brought to the

Hospital After the Cesarean

by Thorpe Moeckel


Asparagus-pasta cobbler; raspberry bread; fresh
baked whole wheat bread; collages

young Molly did
on construction paper – de Kooning-esque –

with catalog clippings, great swirlies
of magic

marker, & filaments of glitter-laced glue;
Parmesan-mushroom wild rice;

boxed pear juice, boxed mixed fruit juice;
soy milk; mangoes; cold

cucumber-yogurt soup; fresh strawberries;
cut lilac; blackberry tea;

a hand-turned ceramic vase; a doll
sewn of scrap fabric, of stuffed athletic sock;

and a bouquet of herbs: fresh
mint, fresh rosemary, freshest sage.

“In the Basket Marty Brought to the Hospital After the Cesarean” by Thorpe Moeckel, from Odd Botany. © Silverfish Review Press, 2002.

3 thoughts on “Fave-O-Lit Fridays

  1. Hi Cole,

    Thanks for stopping by. The video is still up for a few more days. It may take a minute to load and you have to click it to start it. I know my dad can never get it to play, something with his security on his system…

    Anyway, I love the 7 month picture of the Quail. She is looking strong and beautiful.

    • Hmmmm- maybe it’s my work blocking it then- it had said active content removed as opposed to blocked- I’ll try again from home!

    • Oh Sandra- Summer Rain is as lovely and light as her name- I totally resoect your need for privacy but goodness gracious I would love to see more of you and your lovely family’s life- Summer is a most excellent warrier- please continue to share- it means so much more knowing what you all have been through and then the stellar, warm and informative quality of your blog- you are one rocking momma. I tried to post this on your site but for some reason it wasn’t working again- grrr- I could at least see your video though! I need to learn how to do those- what a wonderful way to put together all of your photos!

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