corner view: passion

I know this should have been an easy one. We all have passions right? Then I realized the block I was having with it was over the word passion- not so much- just not a word I used to self-describe. When I hit on that I heard Lovey’s voice in my head as he told person after person of yet another “melt-up” I had over a piece of pie or beef or breakfasty item we found at this restaurant or he had made for me. Passion- no- melt-ups yes. You know how some people get when something goes wrong again and again- and then they lose it? Well I only have about 6 stories I tell- and over half of those involve food. In the moment- when the smell hits just right and the plate is so very pretty in front of me- and the cook’s passion has obviously come through in the flavors that have married. That’s when that melt-up hits. And approximately 45 minutes later- I’m done. No longer entertained, ready for bed. It’s weird- I LOVE food. Not necessarily what is in vogue- fresh, local, haute cuisine, vegan, or whatever the hot new craze is. My range goes from a McDonald’s pumpkin pie in November to a veal chop in a Florentine cafe. I don’t discriminate. It doesn’t have to be organic or homemade. I just have to love it. Of course I love all those things too- but really I just love food- and when it’s made with love and offered up- I’m thrilled to join in. Just ask our dear St. Louis friends who made the unfortunate mistake of inviting me over once for a quick lunch as payback for a coffee I’d purchased. Their “quick lunch” was a breaded, stuffed and rolled chicken breast that would have taken hours of prep in my kitchen. They are still amongst the dearest in my heart even after years of not seeing them. Just knowing they are out their cooking makes me smile. Food’s like that for me- I just like knowing what you love- and then trying it for myself. What’s your favorite dish that brings a smile to your face?

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Quailday: Make some noise!


She’s working on it. I swear she’s gotta be about the only kid in the history of this planet whose parents voluntarily hand her a horn multiple times a day and crow, “More! Louder! Again!” and clap and hug and dance around their child’s joyful noise. You may remember a couple of months ago, when I posted the last update on how the Quail is doing developmentally. The illustrious vocal guru, Sara Rosenfeld Johnson had declared that the Quail had strengthened up 3 of the 4 necessary componants for speech but was sorely lacking in one main area- volitional airflow. Those that see the Quail regularly would probably beg to differ. She’s not quiet. No ma’am. But the sounds she routinely vocalizes are sounds that she can open her mouth and let fly. When she has to manipulate the muscles in her mouth in a specific pattern AND force air out on purpose- we’re met with a quiet bird. This has become even more apparant as we try to track the actual words she routinely says clearly. A year ago I had made this list and when I shared it with Sara she was pretty concerned at the exponential rate that her signing was outpacing her saying. We had worked hard and her strength was now good. It’s that darn volitional airflow. What is volitional airflow? The simplest example is this, bubbles. Can you blow them? Either chewing gum or soap bubbles? The Quail can’t. On an everyday example, what this means for her is that when she is able to actually speak a word clearly and work through the difficulty of motor planning by trying again and again, it comes out in a whisper. A tiny, tiny breath of a word. You have to be holding her and listening for it or you would miss it.

So to help with this we look for fun activities that she has to learn to blow to do. Things where she has to round her lips and that she’ll then get a response with her tiny, soft breath. A few weeks ago she managed to make a few bubbles. We learned that the smaller wand openings are easier because they require less air for the bubble to form. Right now, it’s on accident that the bubble forms. It’s on her exhale if the wand is still there that a tiny little pearl of air will deligtedly make it’s way in front of her.

And now this horn you see above. It’s a pre-heirarchy horn. It takes very little air to make a toot. Which shows what a challenge this is for our girl. Even the soft exhale isn’t enough to make a sound. But in the last two weeks, she’s gotten it, this tiny, soft TWEET! when she’s super excited and riled up and we hand her the horn. It’s not the order we were supposed to go in. We followed the packet directions and got stuck for weeks on getting a specific “heh” sound out of her. She says the word, but doesn’t breathe it. So we backed up and clapped and cheered when the “heh” sound naturally came out during her bounce-tastic Rody rides. And just started handing her the horn whenever she was riled up.

Tweet-Tweet!!!!! It’s a birthday party daily here folks! Bring your party horn and join in!

sunday still life

This summer we are more ourselves then we have been in quite some time. When Lovey and I were first courting, he was the King of the Crust. The man could make a pie that would set your heart singing. Typically the process was the adventure itself. We would often go berry picking alone or with friends and then assemble the fruit into a home-made pastry shell and indulge over pie and coffee throughout the course of a weekend. We were so invested in our festivities that our first fight was over 1 pie or 2 pies. While the answer seems obvious- 2 pies- the 1 pie meant the other half of the bounty went into a cobbler or cake. Really- win-win.

Over the last few years our weekends have been eaten up rather than us luxuriously eating through them. But this summer, this summer the berries were priced right ; if store-bought rather than hand-picked; and the sweets have come routinely. There has been gifts of rhubarb from friends visiting the Amish country, a Pie Social that 40 of our besties contributed too and variations of the southern standard  of a Chess Pie. It’s been a sweet summer and so good to see a version of our family that happily melds our old and new selves into someone we can recognize. 

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 Keep it slow. Keep it simple.


1. 2 year olds recognizing their letters their parents didn’t know they knew

2. Zuzu feeling better so quick after a throw-uppy morning

3. Zuzu being the worlds happiest sick kid

4. co-workers noticing my flat tire

5. Lovey stepping in for the negotiations with the tire repair folks

6. sweet children sharing a plate of waffle, whipped cream and peaches

7. naps

8. new pants

9. Eggs Elizabeth

10. chicken scallopini

11. Lovey cooking for us

12. comfy stretchie clothes

13. azaleas and paperbush planted

14. park pj picnics

16.Zuzu’s first solo playdate

17. Being able to wish my Grandma a happy 88th birthday- what a gift!

18. Watching my sweet 4 year old sing happy birthday to my mom!

19. My anniversary- and remembering the great day itself- it was the best!

20. Lovey’s anniversary card to me- a picture of the girls on his grandmother’s hope chest with a note- “LOVE- look what came out of our hope chest”

21. A Lovey who buys a white buttercream- chocolate and vanilla layer cake covered in chocolate ganache and cooks a roast that rivals the Cardiff Crack….

Thank goodness!

December 2005- although it could be any of our happy years since 1997...

 Thankfully, the more things change, the more they stay the same. Thank  you for being the constant light, love, adventure and journey of my life. Happy 11th Anniversary dear Lovey!