Gratitude Journal

1. Physical Therapy

2. a standing baby!

3. a 3 year old saying,” Mommy, I was worried about you when you were sick, I’ll take care of you!”

4. finding my pregnancy totem that has been lost since giving birth

5. Annual Date Day

6. a fancy lunch

7. sick leave

8. a quick recovery asleep by 8pm

10.the baby not getting sick


12. waves

13. Carolina Creme

14. zrrbrrtz

15. time

16. options

17. Cuban dinner night!

18. a southern winter

19. the first blooms of spring coming in January

20. having a cat

21. cat toys doubling as occupational therapy aides

Fave-O-Lit Friday

Who could need more proof than honey—

How the bees with such skill and purpose
enter flower after flower
sing their way home
to create and cap the new honey
just to get through the flowerless winter.

And how the bear with intention and cunning
raids the hive
shovels pawful after pawful into his happy mouth
bats away indignant bees
stumbles off in a stupor of satiation and stickiness.

And how we humans can’t resist its viscosity
its taste of clover and wind
its metaphorical power:
don’t we yearn for a land of milk and honey?
don’t we call our loved ones “honey?”

all because bees just do, over and over again, what they were made to do.

Oh, who could need more proof than honey
to know that our world
was meant to be


was meant to be

Quail Day: Chief Standing Bird

We have a standing baby! I was checking in on little LC and watching some of the video footage of her and thought we might try their neet standing trick going up from sitting on a little stepstool. And I’ll be a monkey’s uncle (or a little bird’s mama!). It worked!  I’m not sure exactly what it was that made it sooooo very easy to get her to push up to standing but it was an awesome feat. And my eager display of pride made it a quick favorite of the Quail. After a few times of trying that we went ahead and started from laying down, to letting her pull up on my hands to sitting and then to pull up to standing! Brilliant! At PT on monday we showed off our new trick and happily impressed our PT. I was complaining that when Jodie (EI) gets the Quail in standing she just pops her up from her lap, but when I try she usually ends up with a faceplant deep in the rug and less than pleased. So we practiced and right away he noticed that the issue was the position of her feet and the need to have them planted firmly on the ground before applying a slight pressure to her thighs to “pop” her up off my lap. Easy-peasy- once I realized what the problem was. As he pointed out- it’s stuff like that, that keep him with a job! She was even able to stand bracing herself at a bench and also over a basket and soon enough forgot about the new feet of standing and moved back into playing like she does it from that angle all the time! We’re so proud!

corner view: what we are wearing


babies…inside, on & out, in my womb, in my heart and thankfully in  my arms for the last 4.5 years.

Like Jane I have many favorites, my j.crew boyfriend jeans, a couple of cashmere sweaters, my pearl earrings and a handful of lockets and silver necklaces, my hair down, a black tank, a pea and other woolen coats, a series of Cloud 9 boots to work or Keens on the weekend, a white linen shirt that is blessedly better to wear in its naturally wrinkled state and a slightly lemony or gingery scented lotion behind the ears. The clothes are all in the primary spectrum between white and black. Very few vibrant colors grab me with staying power year after year. The bag over my shoulder is the always in style Medela PISA; the bags under my eyes- not so much anyones style of choice.

Usually what wins out on a good day is that freshly showered look. You know- actually having taken a shower? Each and every day? Oh what a glorious dream! More likely is freshly brushed hair, a slightly milky scent and a quickly wiped off patch from whatever substance one of the small ones has regurgitated back on me in one form or another during an early morning cuddle. The daily scent on a chaotic day is more than likely last night’s pesto, the color scheme is the orange and white fur of Chula from her early morning cuddle with which ever warm fuzzy I set out in supposed preparation for the day. My style? definitely waffles from late baby to early preschooler: AKA tired momma

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