Gratitude: For Lovey on Father’s Day

1. your patience

2. your tenacity

3. your ability to remain non-judgmental and get the feel of people, places & experiences for what they are, not what someone tells you they are, or what one might pre-judge without really knowing

4. your thoughtful soul

5. your creativity

6.  your wackiness & deep appreciation for humor

7.  your renaissance spirit

8. your sentimentality

9. your genes

10. the pure trueness in you

11. your way with yeast: pie-crust, home-brew, donuts, beignets, fried pickles and bread alike,

12. your willingness to try anything and keep an open mind

13. your ability to read a manual and then do what it says

14. your kindness to all things living- be it a hop or geranium leaf, a kitty-cat, a firefly or our children

15. your love & earnest interest of all things that came before you be it a newspaper clipping, a wool shirt, a longboard, a deep fryer or 3, the Fairlane, your ancestors, your specs, a flour sifter or the Magic Chef

16. your thrill &  dive-into-I’m-researching-it-right-now attitude with all things that come into advance in our lives, the world and our future

17. your ability to predict where we are going in our lives with your appetite

18. your mechanical mind

11. your family

12. our family

13. your interest and perspective on the community, culture & world around us

14. your trueness to your friends & self

15. your ability to bend with what is needed at a given time, but still not break or lose yourself in the process

16. your culinary sensibility

17. your gentle, tender nature that nurtures our home, heart and family

18. the way music moves your soul

19.your strawberry locks that now don the heads of our little ones

20. your day-to-day, as well as future-minded sense of  and follow-through with responsibility to yourself and your family

21. my luckiness in getting to love and go through life with you.

Thank you- truely…I love you so…

corner view: daily

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Zuzu Day: Warning: Guard your freezers…

Wherever we go, there is always one question on Zuzu’s mind- “Do you have any popsicles?”

If we go to the farm tour, where are the popsicles?

If we go to a birthday party, where are the popsicles?

If we go on a playdate, where are the popsicles?

Mind you, there is only one right answer to this question. But if you get it wrong? She’ll give you another chance, “Maybe you should go check your freezer just to be sure you don’t have popsicles.”

She’s a focused little girl, that Zuzu.

Out to pasture…

Well, it’s about time for the girls to go out to pasture. By the time all is said and the crying is done, it will have been about 45 months of milk making. I still have some torn feelings about this. There is still a huge part of me that feels weird about The Quail only getting 15 months of breastmilk and Zuzu getting 45. But we had a lot of issues to work through with the Quail and we are still working on those. I’ll talk more later about the Quail’s eating and drinking strides. She’s made some real ones.

My goal was to make it through her surgery and once she was recovered from that I would slowly wean off of the pump and nursing. I’m so incredibly grateful to Zuzu. If she wasn’t such a dedicated comfort nurser I realize I may not have even been able to produce milk for the Quail for 15 months while working full-time. It’s an incredible gift from Zuzu. One neither of them can understand or appreciate now. But I know. And I appreciate it- the increased immunity, cognitive ability, oral-motor strengthening and weight gain while we nursed during the first 9 months. What a gift that liquid gold is. Realizing just how many barriers our sweet Quail had blocking her from thriving- the expectation of  limited growth associated with Down syndrome, the moderate ventricular septal defect and the duodenal stenosis leaving her with a pen tip sized opening to push her food through. The hypotonia and motor planning difficulties making it even more difficult to activate the strength needed to push that food through the opening and nourish her little cherubic body. It’s all a miracle that she has thrived. If life hadn’t happened in exactly the order and on the timeline that it did, many sadder outcomes could have been our reality.

But they weren’t our reality- and we are so blessed. And it’s time to give the girls a rest. Till next time…

Hero Worship

Dear Pudge,

I’ve decided I’d like to emulate you. My mom thinks I might be taking things too far. I had surgery recently and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my meals since then. The doctor told me I’ve gained 1 lb in two weeks. My mom thinks that’s too much. I think I”m just making up for lost time. At any rate, I’d just like to show you that I’ll take your Pudge, and see you a dinner roll thigh and arm or two.

Much love, The Quail (soon to be Big Bird)

Still hangin’ in there…

All is still well on the home-front. There will be more blogging to come as we sort out new routines. There are lots of little changes happening in our daily days and we’re just trying to routinize them to make sure there is still plenty of me-time, work-time, us-time, them-time, real-life face-to-face time and cyber-time. Lots of laughter, smiles, healthy-hearty glows.

I miss my online time and friends and family that I”m away from. Even those I’m nearby- but still away from. It’s so hard to find that balance of trying to make everyone happy and still be happy yourself, you know? To make enough time for all the necessities and still have time for little indulgences. To keep up with everyone in one format or another. I’m so grateful for technology though. If it wasn’t for all the advances in society there would so much that would have to fall by the wayside due to distance and time. Even with all of these advances it is still hard to keep up with everyone- in-person and cyber. But I’m grateful for another day to try!

More to come soon…hugs, love, happiness and peace to everyone and thing.

corner view: bliss

Easy-peasy this week- the obvious choice is my children chortling. Ever since the Quail has returned from the hospital there has been much of this in our happy home. It’s amazing the little leaps this bird has made. One is the reciprocating engine that is the sisterhood of these girls. They have been taking great pleasure in making each other laugh. Zuzu will fly into the room, stop short ,laugh- or actually guffaw, calling out silly words- you know- things everyone thinks is hilarious- like: “Abba-dabba-cabba-boo!”They’ll both bend over in stitches over it. Resume their places and begin again. And to think I once wondered about the wisdom of having a second child and what it might take away from my first….

Although I will say- while these particular shots make me smile- I could have sworn I had shots of the two pouncing on each other. Obviously I have work to do. Should be easy enough since it is “daily” in our house!

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