Please think Good Thoughts for The Quail!




Please think good thoughts for The Quail tomorrow. She goes under general anesthesia for tube placement. Her sissy had this done at 1 yr- so we are a little nervous about her having it so young. But it is for the best for her speech and language development as she has been retaining fluid from an ear infection since the beginning of August.  Can’t wait to see if this helps her hearing!

Zuzu Day- Practice makes Perfect

Word up!

Word up!


The Birthday Girl-to-be caught a glimpse of the birthday cake she requested. Last weekend I decided I needed to practice making this cake. I work with a wonderful pastry chef and she gave me her red velvet cake recipe. Zuzu has requested a WordGirl birthday party and this will work together synergistically! The color turns out exactly the right shade of WordGirls superhero costume! Since PBS hasn’t seen fit to actually license out any paraphanalia yet I’ve been left to my own devices and this was what I could come up with in terms of decorations. I found I can make a cake stencil if I try hard enough. A dear friend is helping me to make the capes the kiddos attending will get to decorate and adorn their little selves with as well. Between those handy items a wonderful playground and good company I think the party will be a huge success.

Now I just have to explain to Zuzu that we don’t get to keep having practice cakes…..

Momma Monday- Momma loves Momma Zen

Baby Buddha

Baby Buddha


Have you met Karen Maezen Miller? Either in real life or online or in good-old-fashioned print? She’s one of my literary and Zen heros. As mentioned in my “Meet the Family” page I find I relate best to Zen parenting books in my aspirations of the kind of mother I want to be, and I do mean that in both definitions of kind. I know, I know- anyone who knows anything about Zen practice would probably be appalled by my striving to be Zen- it’s in line with when I used to repeatedly run late and have to hurry up to get to yoga class to finally settle in and find some peace of mind.

The book, Momma Zen was one of my favorites from my first parenting year. I remember when I was bringing it to work with me to read during my break times while I was pumping. I remember another coworker who was also a pumping mother saw me reading it and I tried to explain how I liked the sheer idea of Zen parenting. She laughed at me and told me to let her know how well that works in a few months. I squared my jaw, shook my head and headed into the friendly barn at work to pump (our lovely euphemism for the room they let us milk ourselves in at work) and read. Then I found her website Cheerio Road and found myself pondering her eloquent thoughts on a regular basis. The one that touched me the most and let me know that indeed I do have a home in this school of thought was actually this one. Her list of letting go happened to coincide with my return to work post maternity leave with The Quail. The final line- “Baby is always right on schedule” has become my momtra in learning to live, love and learn with a baby who doesn’t necessarily develop according to the timelines that “the books” predict. I have it posted at work so I can look at it when I feel worried that she isn’t sitting like the other babies are or rolling the other babies are or talking like the other babies are.

Which by the way- yesterday she started sitting independently in that wonderful Weebles wobble way (we’ll continue to work on the not falling down part) yesterday- a day before she turned 7 months old. She started rolling from back to side with the occasional flip all the way to belly the week before and blowing raspberries in the last week as well. And did you notice- the first picture ever where you can see her little neck!

Baby is right on schedule.

Gifts 2- take 2 Celebrating The Quails grasping ability!

Jennifer just gave me a great idea- When I ordered my new copy of Gifts 2 I did order 2 copies with the intention of sharing the second with another family. Pay it forward right?

Well; in celebration of the Quail’s newfound ability to grab onto whatever I am holding & the release of this wonderful new edition we will hold a drawing to win that second copy over here as well! If you are interested in winning a copy of this book leave your name in the comments and on 9/30/09 I will attempt to read the name before it gets stuffed into The Quail’s mouth.

Gifts 2 has arrived!


Thank you to all of you wonderful writers that have shared your experiences. I can’t wait to read and share this companion book. Gifts meant so much to me- from the beautiful baby photo on the cover to the personal journeys so lovingly shared. Not only are our children a blessing to this great world- you all are as well.

Gratitude Journal




1. Mill House Lodge

2. Coconut Almond Scones

3. Ham & Cheese Croissaints

4. Flat Rock Apple Orchard

5. Amy & her hats!

6. The Quail rolling from back to side on her own!

7. Zuzu’ early morning chatter

8. A new brother in law

9. the love of my sister

10. safe travels

11. Gap shorts from the local thrift store

12. Realizing I work with a pastry chef!

13. engines starting to smoke directly across from an Auto Zone at 7am

14. cell phones

15. new ideas to help the Quail sleep through the night

16. a swaddled baby nursing

17. a greasy plate of enchiladas

18. cream in my coffee

19. Lyle Lovett

20. a dinner invitation

21. swim classens!

22. A big grin after a new first!

23. practice cakes