Fave-O-Lit Friday



Going to Bed

by George Bilgere

I check the locks on the front door
               and the side door,
make sure the windows are closed
               and the heat dialed down.
I switch off the computer,
               turn off the living room lights.

I let in the cats.

               Reverently, I unplug the Christmas tree,
leaving Christ and the little animals
               in the dark.

The last thing I do
               is step out to the back yard
for a quick look at the Milky Way.

               The stars are halogen-blue.
The constellations, whose names
               I have long since forgotten,
look down anonymously,
               and the whole galaxy
is cartwheeling in silence through the night.

               Everything seems to be ok.

Quail Day-Milestones Notes

The Quail remains fever free! We are a little concerned about her wheezing. When she went back to the pediatrician for a post hospital visit on monday and she was still wheezing. We were told to just keep up the “breathing treats” and they’ll check her in a week. In the meantime that little rugrat has gone ahead and made a couple of developmental leaps while she’s been under the weather. Referential gazing has started. You know, when you point at the balloon and say, “Look at the balloon!” and by George they do! That would be a true example. My dear work team sent her a bear and balloon in the hospital and it was the first thing that I was able to point at and get her to look where I was pointing! Yay! I’m aware of this term because it was the one area she was behind in when we had her Speech and Language evaluation a few weeks ago and I’ve been watching out for it ever since.

The second I haven’t witnessed myself, but per Lovey- the dropsies have begun as well. You know when you hand a baby something and they drop it off their tray and watch it go down and then look up at you? You know how most parents get annoyed as this little play is reenacted with the same vigor as opening night, day after day? Well here in our house we applaud her with aplomb! It shows some object permanence and an interest in learning about cause and effect.

We also have had intermittent mmmmm sounds. It started at one of the last OT feeding sessions when Kathy was saying mmmmmmm to her as she fed her along with Momma and More and we heard the little rumble reiterated from her tiny mouth. We haven’t gotten it again since, but we’re listening!

The dear little Quail is home with Lovey now. Nana had to return to her life yesterday and we are oh so grateful for her time, her compassion and her company. Both the girls got good quality one-on-one time with their dear Nana and that was the best unexpected gift of the season we could hope for!

corner view: books

Oh the books we do look at!
Oh the books we will read!
We hoard them for cooking, for biking, for camping and growing each seed.
We spy them in every hidden nook and cranny
Lovingly given by each dear Auntie and Granny…
Even a sweet book nestled in the tree,
hung  by a most studious  Elf
Perhaps he meant  it for the kitchen
to join our cookbooks collecting on the pantry shelf
There are books in the car,
Books that travel both near and far.
The baby eats books, the toddler packs them in her bag
Even our new brother-in-law uses them to prop his Christmas tree
when it begins to sag.
We buy them where we find them- library, thrift & Amazon galore.
Why, we will even buy them at the hardware and grocery store!
Oh the books we do look at!
Oh the books we will read!
We never are without them…
We live by their lead.
For more corner views of books around the world:

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Zuzu Day: Anything you can do….

Here is Zuzu- the picture of health the day after the Quail went into the hospital. Since returning from there she has become the next little patient in our ward of care. Her fever remains high and has been over 102 since Saturday. Yesterday it was 103.5 in the afternoon. She went to our pediatrician for a check. Fortunately her lungs and ears are clear. She is up to 37 pounds and 38.5 inches tall. Ears were a real problem for her in the second half of her first year. She had one infection after another from the time she was 7 months old until at 13 months she had tubes put in. After that she still had 4 or 5 infections but would not become horrendously ill with each one. She would get a little drainage, we would use drops and she would be bouncing back within a day. Prior to that we had a time her eardrum burst, she would throw up the antibiotics, her fever would get up to 103, she would develop thrush in response to the antibiotics and she would have difficulty nursing and sleeping. Since the Quail has arrived though she has been sick one time. The thursday after the Quail came home from the hospital she was eating dinner with us and suddenly seemed malaised into a fog. Her temperature shot up to 102.5 and we put her to bed with a Be Kool Gel Patch and some motrin and she slept until the middle of the night at which point she woke and seemed to have drifted through a time tunnel back to dinnertime and wanted to know where everyone was and if she could finish her dinner.

Since then though not a germlet has gotten through her strongly-bricked wall of immunity. Until now. This RSV is the uber-germ of the germ world it seems. All of the babies in the Quail’s room have been sick and now we are going on Day 4 of a high fever. Fortunately our little fighter remains cheerful and polite- heartbreakingly so. We are trying to maintain a distance of 5-10 feet between the girls as our pediatrician let us know that there are many strains of RSV, and while it is likely Zuzu has the Quail’s strain; we can’t be sure. Nana Dori is here for another day with us and we are oh-so-grateful. Lovey’s grading is nearly done and I have returned to work. So he will be holding down the fort, or sick-ward as it is.

Our friends Kipper, Angelina Ballerina, Wordgirl, the Word World Animals, Barney and Elmo have been keeping her company. Part of the day she is happy to play with her dolls, her books and her Little People and a good portion of the day and night she stays in Dreamland.  Each day she asks for her “breathing treat” and if she can please go to the hospital or if not there then could she please go to the Doctor first. She’s starting to protest her medicine though so I’m hoping that is a sign she’s on the mend. This morning her temperature without medicine was 101.5.

Her naps have been long and spent gazing at the Christmas tree lights cuddled on the couch, resting her head on our JOY pillow and snuggled under the amazing Christmas Quilt the Quail received from the Lake and Mountain Quilters Guild in the hospital.  She isn’t very hungry but at least will continue to drink her diet staples of juice and kefir as well as continuing to nurse.

We hope she recovers quickly- we miss her spritely ways and sparkley eyes.

Momma Monday: Home again, home again, jiggity-jig

Do you know how truly blessed you are? I do. Sometimes I forget. Sometimes I get edgy, angry, impatient, ruffled, tired, self-centered, sick, greedy, jealous, frustrated….  The list of ugly adjectives go on and on. But that’s not who I need to be. It’s not who I want to be. It’s what I try to work my little self away from. Since my husband and children have come into my life my heart has grown infinitely. Thank goodness. I think of before them and I can’t remember how I spent my time, what I thought about, the rhythm to those days. Sometimes the rhythm of these days get to me too.

The Quail and I spent most of last week in the hospital, a little scared, a little tired, a little anxious, but mostly just with each other. It’s the most undivided time I have had the good fortune to have with this baby. When she was born; Lovey and I did stay the regulation two days in the hospital but it was filled with fear and worry about what was going on and what was to come. This time I was healthy and just there to care for my baby.  Those of you with more than one child know what I mean. You never again that undivided, focused attention on your children. Even when you are with one, a part of your heart is beating for the other. You cannot know how deliciously undivided your mind and time were with your first child until you have your second and you think back and wonder what all the worry and fretting was about. It’s one of life’s ironies isn’t it- that inability to see how easy something is until the circumstance has changed so unalterably. And yet, you don’t want to alter that circumstance.You can’t and you hope and you pray that you’ll never have to.

So we are now home from the hospital. We came home in a rush of good cheer to find that the rosy cheeks on Zuzu were not due to her holiday spirit. Within an hour her fever spiked, her throaty cough deepened and her polite asking for Momma to stay with her because she didn’t feel good broke my heart. We put her to bed with Motrin after what she delightedly called her “breathing treat” and gratefully albeit fretfully watched her sleep through the night. The next morning her fever spiked even higher and a call to the doctor was made. My concern was that neither her nor her sister have had the booster shot for the H1N1 flu. But wise Lovey pointed out she also has a snotty, runny nose so most likely she is carrying the RSV virus like her sister and has not acquired a new illness altogether. The doctor said to keep an eye on her and if she isn’t experiencing any breathing difficulty then bring her into the office tomorrow to be checked. So we are. The Motrin seem to have brought her temperature back down to the low 100’s and she is still a cheerfully, polite, helpful little soul that has artfully designated her cough pocket as one side of her jammy-clad elbows and her sneeze pocket as the other.

So the house is quietly being mended with everything working its way back to its place. The pecan kringle is warming in the oven, Andy William’s is ready to spin on the record player and our Christmas tree is filling our souls and home with the scent of fir. The small ones are napping now and once they awaken we’ll begin trimming the tree, hanging our stockings, drinking our eggnog & making the best of our altered Christmas plans. We are sad we won’t be traveling to Grandma’s and Grandpa’s home for Christmas but will continue to read our picture books about snow and wear our parka’s out into the chilled southern air.  We are oh so very grateful for Nana Dori’s willingness to change her busy holiday plans to come be with us, watch over the small ones and add festive touches of grace around our warm home. We’ll make it through with our bells jingling and stories of Santa. We may not be able to entertain or partake in most of our favorite holiday festivities this year- but that’s ok. We are blessed to be home huddled together and know that all of you out there are on our minds and in our hearts. Our Christmas packages may not make it to you by the 25th but hopefully they will arrive soon after. Our Christmas cards are here and we will be sending them off in the week to come.

Much love and gratitude for all your love and concern-

Gratitude Journal

1. Lovey

2. Zuzu

3. The Quail

4. Chula Cat

5. Motrin

6. accomodating pediatricians with last minute openings

7. nebulizers

8. beef roast

9. the smell of a beef roast

10. fleece clad small ones

11. flexible schedules

12. Family Connection

13. all our friends and families love and concern

14. Nana Dori


16. hospital food (truly love having well balanced meals put in front of me!

17. the Lake & Mountain Quilter’s Guild and their kind gift of a lovely Christmas Quilt for the Quail

18. Connie & Team 1’s thoughtfulness

19. referential gazing

20. the balloon that was the first thing that made referential gazing work!

21. a break in a fever

22. Oxygen Saturations climbing

23. an hour to watch DOOL for the first time in, oh, I think 9 months 3 weeks

24. Our brave Zuzu maintaining the status quo

25. Kindly gift shop employees giving us their discount when they heard our story

26. raiding the hospital giftshop to spoil a couple of little girlies because they deserve it

27. the gorgeous mountain view from our hospital room

28. the stunning sunrises and sunsets from our hospital room

29. Dr. Ragwar’s kindness as she comments how sweet we are that she could just cry- it made me cry!

30. Kid’s Stuff Academy and their kind care for our whole family

31. talks with Mom

32. my sister checking in

Fave-O-Lit Friday

The Happy Household
 by Eugene Field
It’s when the birds go piping and the daylight slowly breaks,
That, clamoring for his dinner, our precious baby wakes;
Then it’s sleep no more for baby, and it’s sleep no more for me,
For, when he wants his dinner, why it’s dinner it must be!
And of that lacteal fluid he partakes with great ado,
While gran’ma laughs,
And gran’pa laughs,
And wife, she laughs,
And I – well, I laugh, too!

You’d think, to see us carrying on about that little tad,
That, like as not, that baby was the first we’d ever had;
But, sakes alive! he isn’t, yet we people make a fuss
As if the only baby in the world had come to us!
And, morning, noon, and night-time, whatever he may do,
Gran’ma, she laughs,
Gran’pa, he laughs,
Wife, she laughs,
And I, of course, laugh, too!

But once – a likely spell ago – when that poor little chick
From teething or from some such ill of infancy fell sick,
You wouldn’t know us people as the same that went about
A-feelin’ good all over, just to hear him crow and shout;
And, though the doctor poohed our fears and said he’d pull him through,
Old gran’ma cried,
And gran’pa cried,
And wife, she cried,
And I – yes, I cried, too!

It makes us all feel good to have a baby on the place,
With his everlastin’ crowing and his dimpling, dumpling face;
The patter of his pinky feet makes music everywhere,
And when he shakes those fists of his, good-by to every care!
No matter what our trouble is, when he begins to coo,
Old gran’ma laughs,
And gran’pa laughs,
Wife, she laughs,
And I – you bet, I laugh, too!

Quail Update

The joy of scheduled posts done in advance means it looks like all is normal right now- but really that’s just slight of hand! The Quail is still in the hospital and holding her own. Her pediatrician would like her oxygen saturation to be a little higher but tired Momma didn’t think to ask how high. It’s been about 93-94%. Her fever is down to 99.1- so that’s an improvement. No real wheezing- some course or tightness in the chest and decreased breath sounds. I think she’ll get to go home tomorrow! (Edited to clarify that was optimistic. She went home 2 days later with a total of 4 nights and days in the hospital)

They’re treating us well here- when the Quail is playing or resting it’s a bit of a vacation.  It’s nice to focus on our dear baby and have a little peace. My work was kind and sent a bear and balloon for our girl and the kind quilting ladies of the area gave her a gorgeous Christmas Quilt.  Dear Renee has dropped off tasty chicken, soup and noodles for the rest of my flock and Nana has arrived to keep Zuzu entertained. Zuzu was thoughtful enough to talk Lovey into taking her to the Bakery to gather treats to bring to Momma in the hospital and Momma is pleased as punch to have the self adjusting bed, the first chance to watch Days of Our Lives in 9 months and 3 well-balanced hot meals a day. We have a lovely view of the Foothills in the distance and kind nurses complementing how lovely, angelic and engaging the Quail is. What’s not to love? Well other then the RSV, the pneumonia, the dehydration and being away from my home nest and loved ones….hopefully those will all pass quickly though!