corner view: humor


a rousing game of peek-a-boo...

In our home; the range of what we find funny is vast. We rolick with delight in the Quail’s early morning rounds of peek-a-boo, post-kidlet-bedtime-viewed episodes of The Daily Show. Lovey’s Rocks- both Yacht and 30, our favorite modern day Desi & Lucy‘s antics and Zuzu’s newly acquired skill of telling knock-knock jokes. 

Here’s the thing- the repertoire; well, objectively speaking- is sorely lacking. The two-drink minimum dinner entertainment viewed nightly in our home usually starts like this: 

Knock, knock....

Zuzu: “Knock-knock” 

The ‘rents: “Who’s there?” 

Zuzu: “Banana” 

Zuzu: “Knock-knock” 

The ‘rents: “Who’s there?” 

Zuzu: “Banana” 

Zuzu: “Knock-knock” 

The ‘rents: “Who’s there?” 

Zuzu: “Banana” 

Zuzu: “Knock-knock” 

The ‘rents: “Who’s there?” 

Zuzu: “Orange.” 

The ‘rents: “Orange who?” 

Zuzu: “Orange you glad I didn’t say banana?” 

Once we make it through Act 1, Acts 2-6 follow with the banana being replaced with any item in viewing distance. The girl’s got great generalization skills. What can I say? 

That being said- could you help a beleaguered family out by supplying some new knock-knock resources we could foist upon her? 

I’ve learned to cope with Zuzu’s other newly favorite brand of entertainment- repeating what I say verbatim by supplying her with items I like to hear. Early on I learned that just being silent wasn’t enough to redirect the, ahem, behavior . It just made her eyes sparkle more lustrously as she eagerly asked, “Momma, don’t you have something you want to say?” ; then articulates the exact tone of my, “No.” right back to me.  If I have to have my words mockingly replayed, it might as well include sentences like, “Oh my Momma, what pretty hair you have today. Oh Momma, I love you soooooo much. You are just the best Momma ever!” Zuzu usually tires of repeating this long before I tire of hearing it. If only I had thought up this response back in fifth grade when it was every boy’s favorite game! 

Oh- and I’m not joking about the knock-knock jokes…help us out people! 

Zuzuday: This moment brought to you by Dr. Sal Severe…

I’ve been trying to shine up my parenting skills. I’ve been reading and re-reading Dr. Sal Severe’s: How to Behave so your Preschooler Will Too! And we had our first obvious example of it paying off. This morning my Fashionista was gathering clothing options to get ready for school. I tried to interject with a suggestions of different pants than the one she was intent on. I was all ready with my explanation as to how it matched her shirt.

Her response, quite polite and calmly presented I might add was, “Momma, I love you, but I want to choose which clothes I wear.”

Absolutely Zuzu! Way to be a big girl!

Quailday: Yawn! Stretch! Nigh-nigh…

Our Quail’s a little tired today. We’ve started waking her up in the morning before I go to work. She’s given up her morning nap and is at just one midday 2 hour nap. So there is some definite sleep adjustment going on in our nest. Our student who works with her and her teachers have commented that she seems tired. We may have to go back to just letting her sleep in the mornings. On the weekends she’ll sleep till about 7:30-8am. Which is great for Momma! She’s the opposite of  Zuzu who is more likely to be the first one up. So likely in fact she’s taken it upon herself to turn on the their bedroom light first thing and then come let me know the baby is awake. But the morning time is nice for me to get to spend a little bit of time with her and Zuzu now that I’ve stopped pumping and nursing. Not a lot mind you, I’m still catching up on my sleep- but some. It’s been this early morning quiet when Zuzu is off assembling her bumble-bee self or deciding on breakfast or trying to get a grown-up to put on Dora or Kai-Lan or Max & Ruby for “just 1 episode…pleeeeeaaasseee!”

Well it’s this early morning wake up that we’ve used to practice going from laying down up to sit. As far as I had seen she still needed some assist to get her going. But today- breakthrough- both Mattie our student and Lovey reported her going from laying down up to sit. Lovey didn’t get to see the process- just the end result but Mattie witnessed it! Yay!

Then tonight when I took her in a little earlier to try to get her a little extra sleep- well we started our night-night rounds of telling the flowers and animals and numbers on the wall night-night. We had a brief period a month or so ago of her screaming when she realized we were putting her down to bed and her bottle wasn’t in her mouth. It was brief- literally from the air-lift over her crib to the settling on the mattress- but it was loud and disruptive. Lovey added this into the routine in hopes of it triggering a light that the bottle was coming and she didn’t have to get upset once she recognized the routine. Tonight we started in the usual order, Nigh-nigh flowers, nigh-nigh Giraffe…and then, she did it- on her own she said, “Nigh-bird!” Apparantly she wanted to speed things along. Good girl!

There was also a quiet little “Big sistah” sounding grumble from the crib this early morning. She’ll learn soon enough not to encourage Zuzu until she’s fully awake and armed!

Zuzuday: Using your words- or your Momma’s will work too!

“Momma, I’m not pushing my sister!”

“Daddy, I said hello to Miss Patty!”

“Momma, I’m doing a very good job being quiet at the library!”

“Momma, I’m not having a fit!”

“Momma, Look- I didn’t spill my drink- watch me set it down!”

“Momma, I didn’t poop my pants today!”

“Momma, I ate my dinner, now I get a treat!”

“Momma, I told Conner, No biting- teeth are not for biting!”

“Momma, I didn’t poop in the tubby! I listened to my body and said- Momma I have to go poo-poo when I felt Mr. Poo-Poo coming!”

“Momma, when I woke up in the middle of the night, I didn’t cry, I just picked up my Momo, my Dora, my blue elephant, my Horton, my babydoll, my cup of kefir and I just came verrrrrry quietly into your bed and snuggled you!

“Momma, I just waited here quietly and didn’t wake you up!”

“Momma, I won’t cry, or fuss, or run, or scream. I’ll just eat my dinner and hold a grown-ups hand in the parking lot!”

You gotta give her credit- she’s obviously listening. And making sure we’re listening too. I will admit Lovey and I have not been as quick to the draw on the positive reinforcement as we need to be lately. It seems she’s noticing her good behavior and praising herself for us. Thank goodness someone has been reading the discipline books!

Fave-o-Lit Friday: Nursery Rhymes

What Are Little Girls Made of?
What are little boys made of?
What are little boys made of?
Frogs and snails,
And puppy-dogs’ tails;
That’s what little boys are made of.

What are little girls made of?
What are little girls made of?
Sugar and spice,
And all that’s nice;
That’s what little girls are made of.

*Except my little girl , who; although I don’t see a puppy dog tail… has taken to striking the above pose, embarking on a bit of a bottom-shaking jig while chanting, “Heinie-heinie-heinie, My bum is my heinie!”

I guess she’s right, technically. Maybe she’s just strong on the spice….

The Girls: Pushing past Smart Cat

Everyone’s healthy! So it’s time to get fit. You know something more than just, “Hey Zuzu, Smart Cat’s on PBS right now- quick let’s do a jumping jack with him!” Zuzu has always been a bundle of energy. So for her the more active we all are, the better she does. It’s hard to find time for organized activities with her on a daily basis though. Most park going, rec-center-swimming, bouncing like a Tigger & playdates are reserved for weekends. Fortunately her little school encourages a lot of free play time- to just run, jump, slide,swing. They also take the 3 year olds that are interested to Dance Class. She’s looooooovvved that. At home we’ve started spending time with some work-out DVDs. Yoga for kids- since yoga is my go-to activity. We have a few different versions and generally the rule is if Zuz is up when I’m doing my work-out dvd on a weekday morning and she brings it up- then we’ll switch over to her YFK. But lately- she’s not so into actually doing the workout. More into critiquing my ability to follow along. Which let’s face it is not so good.

But in order to set a somewhat decent example of caring about my health & fitness level I get up and try. Zuzu lies on the couch watching and coaching, “Momma, Jillian says to lift your arms up higher!” “Momma, Jillian says not to stop moving!” I will say it’s as good a motivator as any though.

Zuzu naturally is able to get her energy out. You know when you’re 3; and good at it, you run everywhere, that is when you aren’t skipping or jumping:

And our lil personal trainer keeps an eye on everyone’s activity level. Including the baby:

Who is usually thrilled to see her sister coming for her if there is a parent nearby to intervene when the weeble’s wobbling sets in. But sometimes not so much:

Mostly they work it out though. And because of Zuzu’s high level of energy we all follow suit.